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Since 1959, Carl Stahl American Lifting has specialized in a wide range of material handling equipment to lift, rotate and position materials in process. In 2002, American Lifting Systems joined the Carl Stahl family of companies and became known as Carl Stahl American Lifting, LLC. This association has enabled Carl Stahl American Lifting to offer a wider range of products at more competitive prices, while still providing personal, customer friendly service. As a member of the Carl Stahl group of companies, American Lifting is now part of an international network, with more than forty sister companies throughout the world and customers in more than seventy nations.

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  • Industrial Magnet Inspection Service
    ASME Standard B30.20-2006, as well as Most Magnet Manufacturers Recommend that Every Lift Magnet Be Tested and Calibrated at least Once A Year to Confirm Rating Accuracy and Safety.

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